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Assistive technology from virtuality to reality
8th European conference for the advancement of assistive technology in europe
Henri Warembourg Faculty of Medicine - Lille - France - September 6-9, 2005



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Conference Themes

The subtitle of the conference is "from Virtuality to Reality". It focuses on the bridge which leads from the perceived user need to the actual end use of the assistive device.

New Technologies

New technologies emerge daily. How can they be applied in the Assistive Technology field?

Technology Transfer

With all these technologies and developments available, why do many never reach the market?

Socio-Economic Aspects

Within a free-trade Europe, assistive technology products experience differing degrees of success. What about policies in the different European countries? Is it convergence or divergence?

Human-Centred Considerations

How can we consider user needs, how can we evaluate them and what is the role of the user in the development of an assistive device?


Access to the Information Society
Assistive Technology for Children
Assistive Technology for Mobility
Assistive Technology for Older Adults
Assistive Technology for Restoration and Enhancement of Function
Assistive Technology for the Activity of Daily Living
Assistive Technology in Education & Training
Assistive Technology in the Work Environment
Assistive Technology in the Workplace
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Changes in Social Systems and Service Delivery
Community Networks
Design for All / Universal Design
Development of Assistive Technology for Independent Living
Education and training in Assistive Technology
European Infrastructure in the field of Assistive Technology
Improving Quality of Assistive Technology
Industrial Competitiveness and Technology Transfer
Issues of Human/Machine Interaction
Socio-economic Evaluation
User Empowerment

This list is not exhaustive: all areas related to assistive technology may be considered.