Tuesday, 6th September 2005
08h00 - 17h00


Tuesday, 6th September 2005
09h30 - 10h15

Opening Ceremony


Tuesday, 6th September 2005
10h15 - 10h30

Presidential Address : Harry Knops

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
10h30 - 11h00

Coffee break

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
11h00 - 12h00

Plenary Session
Assistive Technology: from Virtuality to Reality

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
12h15 - 13h00

Launch of Exhibition

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
13h00 - 14h00


Tuesday, 6th September 2005
14h00 - 15h30

Design for All - User Centered Approaches
Chairmen : J Engelen, C Berard
    Friendly Rest Room Project: A Toilet Prototype for Improving the Quality of Life of Old People and Persons with Disability
P Panek, N Alm, C DayZ, G Edelmayer, N Gentile, C Magnusson, P Mayer, J Molenbroek, H Neveryd, M Rauhala, A Rist, R Schlathau (AUSTRIA, UNITED KINGDOM, SWEDEN, NETHERLANDS, HUNGARY)

    The Usability of AAC in Conversation: A Case Study of Interaction between a Child using AAC and her Classmate
M Clarke, R Wilkinson (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Motion detection technique applied to face characterization
F Ravaut (FRANCE)

    Independence in Relation with Physical Characteristics of the Living Environment

    Identification of Assistive Technology Service Elements Across Four European Countries

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
14h00 - 15h30

Assistive Technology and Older Persons
Chairmen : H Petrie, A Thevenon
    Supporting older people through telecare
H Aldred, T Amaral, S Brownsell, JL Arnott, MS Hawley, N Hine (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Assistive devices among very old Europeans Results from the ENABLE-AGE Project
C Lsfqvist (SWEDEN)

    Why some Health Professionals Adopt Elder Home Care Telemonitoring Service and Others Not?
C Vincent, D Reinharz, I Deaudelin, M Garceau (CANADA)

    A Care Support System for Disabled People Using the Mirror Agent
M Kasuga, Y Hara, M Sato, H Yamamoto, K Kamata (JAPAN)

    Ethical Review - A Continuous Process in an Assistive Technology Project
M Rauhala, I Wagner (AUSTRIA)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
14h00 - 15h30

New Technologies and Innovation
Chairmen : L Azevedo, E Pissaloux
    First 'Design for All and Assistive Technology Award' Initiated by the European Commission
CH Bhler, W Schmitz, D Sischka, R Wallbruch (GERMANY)

    Network-Based Accessibility Services for People with Disabilities

    User Test Results with the Final Prototype of the Predictive Typing System FASTY and Preview of the Commercial Product EMU
C Beck, G Seisenbacher, P Panek, W Zagler (AUSTRIA)

    3D-Finger System for Auditory Support of Haptic Exploration in the Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Students Idea and Feasibility Study
G Seisenbacher, P Mayer, P Panek, W Zagler (AUSTRIA)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
14h00 - 15h30

User Involvement
Chairmen : TB Buene, M Soede
    Testing the Electronic Abacus

    Web Portal for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Support
M Jenko, M Pustisek, J Bester, C Marincek (SLOVENIA)

    Visual assistance optimization: Translate patient needs by studying ocular behaviors
AC Scherlen, V Gautier (FRANCE)

    Usability test of assistive products
EM Hansen, A Brandt (DENMARK)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
15h30 - 16h00

Coffee break


Tuesday, 6th September 2005
16h00 - 17h30

Access to the Information Society 1
Chairmen : C Stephanidis, G Brisson
    The accessibility of on-line encyclopaedias for people with print disabilities
S Duchateau, R Molas Conogan, D Burger (FRANCE)

    The Helene Server takes a new step towards individual book delivery for the visually impaired
B Guillon, C Desbuquois, D Burger (FRANCE)

    An eAccessibility Quality Mark to promote e-Inclusion: the Support-EAM project
P Guillou, D Burger (FRANCE)

    On keyboard assessment from virtuality to reality
C Berard (FRANCE)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
16h00 - 17h30

Chairmen : R Assaoui, P Gorce
    Towards Performance Monitoring of an Intelligent Lower Leg
J Moreno, F Brunetti, J Pons (SPAIN)

    Estimation of biomechanical characteristics of tremorous movements based on gyroscopes
JM Belda-Lois, E Rocon, A Ruiz, J Sanchez-Lacuesta, JL Pons (SPAIN)

    Volume determination compared between CT and MRI: Application to hemiplegic subjects
P HZdoux, A Pinti, F Rambaud (FRANCE)

    Development of a system based on posturography to assist in the rehabilitation of postural disorders
JM Baydal, MF Peydro, R Barber, MJ Vivas, JV Dur, JA Gmez, R Dejoz, J Prat (SPAIN)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
16h00 - 17h30

Smart Homes 1
Chairmen : W Zagler, M Mokhtari
    User Needs and Usages of Assistive Technologies
J Reerink, M Mokhtari (FRANCE)

    Robotics/Smarthome duality : Potential application to assistive technologies
V Ricquebourg, B Marhic, L Delahoche, D Menga, G Brisson, E Brassart (FRANCE)

    Designing and developing a virtual home for aphasia patients
C Sik Lnyi (HUNGARY)

    Retrofitting, and two great fellows to demonstrate it!
T Laberg (NORWAY)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
16h00 - 17h30

Service Delivery - National Initiatives
Chairmen : M Lundman, H Knops
    Achievements and improvements in Assistive Technologies in Spain based on recommendations of the HEART Study (1995-2004)
R Poveda, R Barber, D Garrido, C Rodriguez, R Noya, J Garca, V Valdominos, J Prat (SPAIN, FRANCE)

    A National Accessibility Portal for South Africa: innovative application of ICT for Disability in the developing world
E Macagnano (SOUTH AFRICA)

    The Web Site of the Italian EDeAN
M Billi, L Burzagli, PL Emiliani, F Gabbanini, P Graziani, E Palchetti (ITALY)

    Assistive device for the medical rehabilitation and activities of daily living. How do rehabilitation personnel understand these two concepts?
T Hurnasti, AL Salminen (FINLAND)

    The use of ICT in the delivery of unplannable care
CH Willems, S. Vlieger De (NETHERLANDS)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005
19h30 - 22h00

Town Hall Reception

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
09h00 - 10h30

Plenary Session
European Commission

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
10h30 - 11h00

Coffee break

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

AAC - Hardware and Software
Chairmen : J Abascal, P Pino
    Communication aid : from the idea to the implementable system
P Pino, P Freckhaus (FRANCE)

    Conversational Rate and Communicative Competence

    Graphic Communicator with Optimum Message Access for Switch Users
S. Palazuelos, J Martin, M Dominguez (SPAIN)

    Managing social conversations with pre-planned, user-stored utterances: a video demonstration

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Assistive Technology for Rehabilitation
Chairmen : R Cooper, A Pinti
    Development of Simple Driving Simulator for the Driving Skill Evaluation
K Inoue, Y Ikeda, Y Ito, K Suzuki, T Komeda, H Lee, T Suzuki, Y Takahashi, T Terada (JAPAN)

    A novel robotic development. A three part user evaluation - parts 1 & 2
C Thursfield, C Fattal, P Deboute (UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, BELGIUM)

    A novel robotic development. A three part user evaluation - part 3
C Thursfield, C Fattal, P Deboute (UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, BELGIUM)

    An Architecture for Remote Monitoring in a Networked Virtual Environment Mobility Simulator (VEMS)
Z Dholkawala, S Cox, A Rahman (IRELAND)

    Small field experiments in care at a distance
F Vlaskamp, GJ Gelderblom, H Knops, M Soede (NETHERLANDS)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Assistive Technology for Visual Impairment

Chairmen : PL Emiliani, JC Kastelick
    Abstracting the Graphical User Interface for Non-Visual Access
K Van Hees, J Engelen (BELGIUM)

    Blind Text Entry for Mobile Devices
G Yfantidis, G Evreinov (FINLAND)

    Electronic Travel Aid for the blind people
R Damaschini, R Leroux, R Legras, R Farcy (FRANCE)

    Overview of the "Universal Maths Conversion Library"
D Archambault, F Berger, V Mo?o (FRANCE)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Service Delivery - Innovations
Chairmen : R Andrich, G Craddock
    The European Assistive Technology Information Network (EASTIN)
R Andrich, M Bulgheroni, R Da Dalt, R Giust, A Agnoletto (ITALY)

    ITSE Project Improved Assistive Technology Services
AL Salminen, PL Kotiranta (FINLAND)

    Quality for Assistive Technology Services by Means of Local Projects

    Evaluation of the fokuswonen living and care arrangement in the Netherlands
CH Willems, B Dijcks, W Ritzen, A Willen (NETHERLANDS)

    Accessibility and Product Ecologies

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
12h30 - 13h30


Wednesday, 7th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Product Development
Chairmen : J Engelen, P Gorce
    The BIME Production Unit A Technology Transfer Solution
M Hillman, S Adams, R Orpwood (UNITED KINGDOM)

    The RAMPE project: Interactive, Auditive Information System for the Mobility of Blind People in Public Transports
G Baudoin, O Venard, G Uzan, A Rousseau, Y Benabou, A Paumier, J Cesbron (FRANCE)

    The Development of a Mouse Signal Simulator Circuit Board to Simplify the Construction of Custom Made Computer Access Devices
K Gallagher, J Chang, A Chen (TAIWAN)

    TOM's 3D: a new technology to deposit Braille on any support
S Lazzaroni, P Claudet, PA Loichot, D Archambault (FRANCE)

    Mechanical Stimulation on an Isokinetic Machine
LA Afilal (FRANCE)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Assistive Technology for Mobility - Control Systems

Chairmen : W Harwing, G Bourhis
    Pose Estimation and Docking of Robotic Wheelchair to Robotic Transfer System for Autonomous Transfer Aid of Motor-disabled
C Chong Hui Kim, S Seong Jin Kim, B Byung Kook Kim (KOREA, REPUBLIC OF)

    Recognition of scenarii based on a model
A Aich, S Loriette-Rougegrez (FRANCE)

    Towards smart wheelchairs
P Mallet (FRANCE)

    Infrared Non-Contact Head Sensor, for Control of Wheelchair Movements
H Christensen, JC Garcia (DENMARK, SPAIN)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Cognitive Impairment and Autism
Chairmen : K Dautenhan, P Hoppenot
    Design of an Evaluation of Technology, Organisation and Care for Extended Living at Home by Persons Suffering from Acquired Brain Injury or Dementia
S Lundberg, U Keijer, G Sandstrom (SWEDEN)

    Assessment of usefulness of assistive technology for people with dementia
I Hagen, S Cahill, E Begley, J Macijauskiene, J Gilliard, K Jones, P Topo, K Saarikalle, T Holthe (NORWAY, IRELAND, LITHUANIA, UNITED KINGDOM, FINLAND)

    A Comparison of Interactive and Robotic Systems in Therapy and Education for Children with Autism
M Davis, B Robins, K Dautenhahn, C Nehaniv, S Powell (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Interactive system by observation and analysis of behavior for children with autism
K Sehaba, V Courboulay, P Estraillier (FRANCE)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

AT Education and Training and the Role of Independant AT Centres
Chairmen : G Craddock, EJ Hoogerwerf
    Notes on the role of independent AT centres in education and training: Responsibilities and challenges
M Clarke, S Bloch (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Alternatives to Formal Education/Training for Continuing Professional Development in the Field of Assistive Technology
A Gresswell, A Lysley, S Druce (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Addressing the Challenges Facing Independent Assistive Technology Centres charged with providing Education and Training:The Need for Debate
G Craddock, B Boyle, C Fitzsimmons, T Mackeogh (IRELAND)

    AT training la carte in Flanders by MODEM. Selling your soul ...
D Lembrechts (BELGIUM)

    Mission, Model and Mandate: Assistive Technology Training & Professional Development in Ausilioteca
E. Hoogerwerf, C. Bitelli (ITALY)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
15h00 - 15h30

Coffee break

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Access to the Information Society 2
Chairmen : PL Emiliani, JI Lindstrom
    Guidance for Assistive Technologies in Education and the Workplace Advancing Young People with Disabilities: Opening Doors For Young People With Disabilities
S Long, A Mcloughlin, J Hughes (IRELAND)

    The EUAIN Network: Towards accessible information processing frameworks
D Crombie, R Lenoir, N Mckenzie (NETHERLANDS)

    Hybrid books, what is it for and how to create them
A Arato, L Buday, T Vaspori, L Burzagli, P Graziani, E Palchetti (HUNGARY, ITALY)

    MultiAbile: a multimodal learning environment for the inclusion of impaired e-Learners using tactile feedbacks, voice, gesturing, and text simplification
T Barbieri, L Sbattella, A Bianchi, F Carella, M Ferra (ITALY)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Assistive Technology for Mobility - Assessment and Evaluation
Chairmen : A Rizzo, W Harwing
    Assessment of Driving Skills Using Virtual Reality: Comparative Survey on Experts and Unskilled Users of Electric Wheelchairs
H Niniss, T Inoue (JAPAN)

    Interaction Design User-Profile (IDUP) - A framework for evaluating user needs in the context of the Virtual Environment Mobility Simulator training system
A Finucane, S Cox, A Rahman (IRELAND)

    Towards Electronic Dynamic Map Definition
F Maingreaud (FRANCE)

    Mobile platform configuration definition during grasping
N Rezzoug, P Gorce, P Hoppenot, E Colle (FRANCE)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Chairmen : K Dautenhan, P Hoppenot
    Autism and mobile robotics: a first experience
G Pradel, P Hoppenot, C Goffart, JP Malen, E Colle (FRANCE)

    Avatars and Autism

    Abstract Concept and Imagination Teaching through Virtual Reality in people with Autism Spectrum Disorders
G Herrera (SPAIN)

    Designing educational software dedicated to people with autism
O Grynszpan (FRANCE)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Assistive Technology for Support and Care
Chairmen : R Andrich, A Thevenon
    A Cell Phone-Based Electronic Personal Profiler for Care and Support Information
M Iwabuchi, K Nakamura, N Alm, S Sakai, S Abe (JAPAN, UNITED KINGDOM)

    Implementation of Assistive Devices for Putting On and Off Therapeutic Elastic Stockings
GJ Gelderblom, E Hagedoren, C Van Heugten (NETHERLANDS)

    The aspirometer: an assistive technology for the care of children with swallowing difficulties
T Chau, M Casas, G Berall, D Kenny, S Blain (CANADA)

    TZoDZVi, a response for low vision re-education
J Zimmermann, A ThZpaut, M Lamard, J Kerdreux, B Cochener, N Pasdeloup, JY Bouvier (FRANCE)

    West Midlands Regional Strategy for Electronic Assistive Technology: from virtuality to reality using care pathways
P Palmer, C Thursfield, L Elliott, C Glendinning, J Gillies (UNITED KINGDOM)

Wednesday, 7th September 2005
17h00 - 19h00


Wednesday, 7th September 2005
19h30 - 20h00

New Comers Meeting

Thursday, 8th September 2005
09h00 - 10h30

Plenary Session
Worldwide cooperation in Assistive Technology Information: a dream that's coming true
Moderator : NE Mathiassen
    Today's challenges in Assistive Technology Information

    The national experiences
 Various Speakers (TUVALU)

    European integration :The European Assistive Technology Information Network (EASTIN)
R Andrich (ITALY)

    The International Alliance of Assistive Technology Information Providers: A framework for international collaboration
N Penn Symon (TUVALU)

    Round table and Discussion

Thursday, 8th September 2005
10h30 - 11h00

Coffee break

Thursday, 8th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Web Accessibility
Chairmen : H Knops, C Buhler
    Help.gv.at Accessible e-Government in Austria
K Miesenberger, F Phretmair (AUSTRIA)

    Homepage design for e-learning considering Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for low vision users
C Sik Lnyi (HUNGARY)

    Are the Web Accessibility Guidelines applicable and sufficient for Web Applications?
R Jani, M Schrepp (GERMANY)

    Efficient keyboard support in web-pages
M Schrepp, R Jani (GERMANY)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Smart Homes 2
Chairmen : P Gaucher, E Winterberg
    The DAT Smart Home
R Andrich, V Gower, A Caracciolo, G Del Zanna, M Di Rienzo (ITALY)

    Experience report in the deployment of a smart environment control service for people having disabilities
S Renouard (FRANCE)

    SmartX open source
G Nussbaum, K Miesenberger (AUSTRIA)

    The use of Emotional Engineering techniques in user oriented design of interfaces within a smart house environment: Prospective analysis
MJ Such, R. Barber, R. Poveda, JM Belda-Lois, A. Gmez, A. Lpez, JM Cort, M. Snchez (SPAIN)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Assistive Technology for Play and Involvment
Chairmen : S Besio, AL Salminen
    A Robotic System to Enable and Analyze Play of Children with Physical Disabilities
S Mina, B Prazak, G Kronreif (AUSTRIA)

    Development of a powered mobility vehicle for nursery-age children
R Orpwood, S Halsey, N Evans, A Harris (UNITED KINGDOM)

    A simple game generator for creating audio/tactile games
A Puret, D Archambault, N MonmarchZ, M Slimane (FRANCE)

    Augmented environments for paediatric rehabilitation
T Chau, C Eaton, H Schwellnus, A Lamont, C Tam (CANADA)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

From user Needs to the Market
Chairmen : P Vallet, C Dumas
    Man-machine interface for macintosh
 Assistive Ware (TUVALU)

    Environment control from the wheelchair.
 SociZtZ Hmc International (TUVALU)

    Assistive technology for the upper limb control
 SociZtZ Focal (FRANCE)

    The manus : from the origin to the industrialisation
 Exact Dynamics (NETHERLANDS)

    Innovation at the french AFM association.

Thursday, 8th September 2005
12h30 - 13h30


Thursday, 8th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Access to the Information Society 3
Chairmen : N Vigouroux, M Soede
    VANESSA - A System for Communication between Deaf and Hearing People
JR Glauert, R Elliot, SJ Cox, J Tryggvason, M Sheard (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Evaluation Tools to Promote Concrete Web Accessibility Implementation: the EVAL Research and Development Project
M Cooper, P Guillou, D Boulay, S Duchateau, D Burger (CANADA, FRANCE)

    A Framework for Automated Web Accessibility Assessment
CH Bhler, H Heck, O Perlick, M Snaprud (GERMANY, NORWAY)

    A search engine for the visually impaired
R Masson, G Michel (FRANCE)

    The National Accessibility Case in Norway, NAC-NO
H Aspelund (NORWAY)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Robotics 1
Chairmen : U Borgolte, E Colle
    A Wheelchair Adaptive Control
P Abellard, A Abellard, M Ben Khelifa (FRANCE)

    Robot technology in rehabilitation and support

    Aided navigation for disabled people: Route Recognition with augmented HMMs
R. Grasse, Y. Mor?re, A. Pruski (FRANCE)

    Assisted control for a powered wheelchair with a force feedback joystick
M Sahnoun, A Fattouh, G Bourhis (FRANCE)

    A new human computer interface for the Manus using a standard joystick
F de Chaumont, L Delahoche, C Cauchois, C Drocourt (FRANCE)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Hearing Impairment
Chairmen : JI Lindstrom, C Berger-Vachon
    Can Loudness Growth Function be Predicted by ASSR Response ?
M MZnard, S Gallego, C Berger-Vachon, L Collet (FRANCE)

    Genesis of wearable DSP structures for selective speech enhancement and replacement to compensate severe hearing deficits

    ELT - Electronic Learning Tool. The development of an online multimedia tool for German written language for deaf and/or hard-of-heraing people
B Prazak (AUSTRIA)

    Tools and Strategies for Fitting a Wearable Frication Transposer to the Needs of Severely Hearing Impaired People

Thursday, 8th September 2005
13h30 - 15h00

Design for All in the European Information Society - Status Workshop
Chairman : C Buhler

Thursday, 8th September 2005
15h00 - 15h30

Coffee break

Thursday, 8th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Human - Machine Interaction: Interface Issues
Chairmen : JI Lindstrom, JM Toulotte
    The evaluation of a web browser for blind people
A King, DG Evans, P Blenkhorn (UNITED KINGDOM)

    A Study on Signing Picture Size and Mobile Communication Services
K Kamata, T Shionome, H Yamamoto, S Fischer (JAPAN, UNITED STATES)

    The Virtual Peg-In-Hole Test
GT Gomes, F Amirabdollahian, G Johnson (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Effects of crank handbike adjustements on the upper extremity pain. A kinematic simulation study.
A Faupin, P Gorce, P Campillo, S Bouilland, A Thevenon, O Remy-Neris (FRANCE)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Robotics 2
Chairmen : E Pissaloux, JC Garcia
    Automatic tracking of a wheelchair
C Cauchois, B Marhic, F de Chaumont, L Delahoche, M Delafosse (FRANCE)

    Mapped Virtual Reality for a Safe Manipulation in Rehabilitation Robotics
J Feuser, O Ivlev, A GrSser (GERMANY)

    Fusion of data vision and ultrasounds for mobile robot localisation
M Trabelsi, N Ait Oufroukh, S Lelandais (FRANCE)

    Adapted Process for Handicapped Users
R Thieffry (FRANCE)

    Development of a Movable Neck Supporter with Adaptive and Learning Mechanism
R Kurozumi, T Yamamoto, S Fujisawa (JAPAN)

Thursday, 8th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Education and Training
Chairmen : TB Buene, L Azevedo
    The Challenge of Inclusion : Electronic Portfolios Linking Learning and Assessment. A Discussion
K O'Callaghan (IRELAND)

    Current Trends in AT Professional Development and Credibility

    AT in UNESCO IITE Project ICTs in Education for People with Special Needs

    Multiple Levels of Technology in an Educational Context:Inclusive Learning through Technology
G Craddock (IRELAND)

    A Model for Consortium Training in Trans-European Assistive Technology Projects

Thursday, 8th September 2005
15h30 - 17h00

Design for All in the European Information Society - Status Workshop
Chairman : C Buhler

Thursday, 8th September 2005
17h00 - 18h00

SIG 01 Rehabilitation Robotics
Chairman : J Van Woeden

Thursday, 8th September 2005
17h00 - 18h00

SIG 02 Assistive Technology Education and Information
Chairman : NE Mathiassen

Thursday, 8th September 2005
17h00 - 18h00

SIG 03 - Outcomes of AT and its Assessment
Chairman : GJ Gelderblom

Thursday, 8th September 2005
20h00 - 22h00

Conference Banquet

Friday, 9th September 2005
09h00 - 10h30

Plenary Session
Albert Rizzo, University of Southern California "A conceptual overview of VR and Therapy/Rehabilitation"

Friday, 9th September 2005
10h30 - 11h00

Coffee break

Friday, 9th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Interface Issues - Computer Access
Chairmen : JC Garcia, G Bourhis
    Accessible information and quality of human - computer interaction
D Simsik, A Galajdova (SLOVAKIA)

    SOKEYTO: a design and simulation environment of software keyboards
F Vella, N Vigouroux (FRANCE)

    Information Technology, Accessibility & Deafblind People
M Hersh, M Hersh, M Johnson (UNITED KINGDOM)

    KeyGlasses~: Semi-transparent keys to optimize text input on virtual keyboard
M Raynal, N Vigouroux (FRANCE)

Friday, 9th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Outcomes in Assistive Technology
Chairmen : AL Salminen, O Lorentsen
    @lphatec a pilot study on outcomes of computer assisted reading and writing for adults with dyslexia
E Arendal, ? Brandt (DENMARK)

    An evaluation of the Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Devices Scale
P Palmer, C Thursfield, S Judge (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Nordic co-operation on the NAME: A new instrument for evaluation of participaiton outcomes of mobility devices
? Brandt, C Lsfqvist, K Samuelsson, S Iwarsson (DENMARK, SWEDEN)

    Cost-effectiveness in rehabilitation at hard of hearing
J Persson, LA Bernfort, G Hellbom, B Danermark, E Borg, A Gullbrandsson, M Husberg (SWEDEN)

    A Generic Transcriber from Indian Languages to Bharthi Braille
K Omar, D Omar, O Durrani, K Shet (INDIA)

Friday, 9th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Assessment and Evaluation
Chairmen : C Stephanidis, J Abascal
    VEMS Training Wheelchair Drivers
I Adelola, S Cox, A Rahman (IRELAND)

    Motivation Elements in Virtual Reality for Disabled Children The VEMS Experience
I Adelola, A Rahman, S Cox (IRELAND)

    Expert-based assessment of the ARGO Web browser for people with disability
A Mourouzis, S Ntoa, E Boutsakis, G Kartakis, C Stephanidis (GREECE)

    ICT as a Tool for Inclusion. Equal opportunities for children with Motor Disabilities.
P Lindstrand (SWEDEN)

Friday, 9th September 2005
11h00 - 12h30

Keyboard Design Methodology in memoriam of Christian BZrard
Chairmen : N Vigouroux, W Zagler
    Some optimisation concepts to enhance the usability of AAC : an user centrered-approch applied to text input AAC
N Vigouroux (FRANCE)

    In memoriam of Christian BZrard: Striving for effort reduction through on-screen keyboard word prediction

    Some optimisation solutions to enhance the text input for moto disabled people
N Vigouroux, F Vella, M Raynal, P Boissi?re, I Schadle (FRANCE)

    Accessible Communication under Users Constraints
N Biard, G Evreinov, T Evreinova (FRANCE, FINLAND)

    Intelligent access to the computer: applying mixed interaction techniques
J Abascal, N Garay, L Gardeazabal (SPAIN)

    Involvement of a clinical team in the definition of users' needs and evaluation of new systems for optimisation of text input for people with physical disabilities.
N Biard, J Bouteille, I Laffont, P Jaillard (FRANCE)

Friday, 9th September 2005
12h30 - 13h30

Conference Closure

Friday, 9th September 2005
14h30 - 15h30

European Design for All e-Accessibility Network (EDeAN)
Chairman : H Knops