Assistive technology from virtuality to reality
8th European conference for the advancement of assistive technology in europe
Henri Warembourg Faculty of Medicine - Lille - France - September 6-9, 2005

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The Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) is organising its 8th conference in Lille, France, in 2005. This biannual conference is an opportunity for people to discuss new developments, trends and research in the field of assistive technology. Following successful conferences held in Ireland, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and Netherlands, over 200 papers were selected and published at the last AAATE conference in 2003.

AAATE's membership has grown significantly since its formation. Its sister organisations are RESNA (North America), ARATA (Australia) and RESJA (Japan). These opportunities to exchange expertise are essential for those working in the AT field.

Further information, membership and resources can be accessed through the AAATE website: